Game Developer’s Radio #07 SDL

Number of View: 4852

Date recorded: 09/23/2009
Guest: Sam Lantinga

On today’s show I interview Sam Lantinga a game developer at Blizzard and the creator of a very popular open source media library called SDL. We go into detail of why Sam created SDL, the features it offers, and who should use it. Sam also gives lots of advice on how to became a better game developer and what it takes to get into the game industry. If you are currently studying to become a game developer or just wondering where to start I would say this is a must listen. Do to audio issues about half way through the recording of Sam’s voice begins to sound a bit scratchy, but the rest of the show turned out pretty well.

Opening and closing music: Battle of the Shadow Elves by chrishaigh


  • Matthew

    Great interview. It’s nice to know the person who started SDL is still working on it and is enthusiastic about games development in general.

    It’s also going to be reassuring for many that he did not start out as a programmer, but hard work and dedication are the key to success in the industry.

  • Kiaran

    Great interview! I’m currently using SDL to make a commercial 2d platformer game. It was nice to hear the story behind it’s development. Sam seems like a great guy.

  • Nicolas Goles

    This is great, I’m 24 years old, and at my university here at Chile, I started the same, Shell script , then C and after C, C++, learned both in parallel…

    thanks for this interview, because Sam seems like a really normal guy willing to share his good experience with us :)

  • Eric Gonzalez

    You’re really not good at interviewing people. You had a guest who possessed a wealth of knowledge and the opportunity to extract that knowledge and you pissed it away by asking some stupid questions and doing a lot of hand holding. No, you should not lie about things on a resume. Yes, object-oriented programming an important concept. Yes, we realize that working with a team is an important ability to possess. Maybe you should have spent a little more time preparing for this one. And your other ones, too.

  • Adriano Braga

    I’m a great fan of Sam Lantinga works, I’ve using SDL for my personal projects and I think is a great library, very powerfull and simple to use.
    This interview is very important for people like me, because I can learn with expert guys like Sam.

  • Alex

    this was my favourite interview so far, really nice to hear about SDL.

    would be nice if there’s ever a follow to hear his opinions on the DX vs openGL differences in more depth. Also that atomic timing stuff was really interesting albeit I had to rewind that portion a few times. Would love to hear more on that concept.