Game Developer’s Radio #10 Marketing Techniques for Indie Game Developers

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Date recorded: 04/10/2010
Guest: Manuel Saint-Victor

On today’s show I interview Manuel Saint-Victor about how game developers can utilize the social networks to form better strategies when it comes to marketing their games.  We go pretty deep into all the things you should be and shouldn’t be doing and discuss the how important SEO, branding, twitter, and networking all are.    Although it does run a bit long, the entire show is pack full of very insightful and useful knowledge that can really help an indie game developer when it comes to better marketing their games.

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  • diamondtearz

    Haha!! A bit long? We talked for 2 hours Joe. Thanks again for taking the time to chat with me. It was a pleasure.

  • hermitC

    Just finished listening to this 80 minutes of pure wisdom. I’m going to drop this one on my blog now.

    Thanks a lot, guys!

  • Mani

    Thanks hermitC! I’m hoping to break it down into some digestible pieces.

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  • Morgan Craft

    this was a great interview and Manuel's passion and energy reminds me of Gary Vee, great job.

  • Jeffrey Waters

    awesome..welcome manuel!

  • Starcraft 2 strategy

    Not just marketing the games, but if watched properly, they can be an immense source of the mood and pulse of the audience

  • Jeffrey Waters

    The poster looks really awesome btw!

  • Infinite Unityverse

    Big Joe- fix your permalinks to use custom/ postname so u can get the SEO benefits dude- hit me up.

  • Infinite Unityverse

    Now I gotta google Gary Vee!

  • Kevin Potter

    This is a really helpful set of indie marketing / networking advice. I revisit this podcast often.