Game Developer’s Radio #05 Flash Game Design Part 01

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Date recorded: 10/17/2009
Guests: Ryan Henson Creighton, Iain Lobb, Edmund McMillen and Daniel Cook

This is the first part (about an hour long) of the Flash Game Design podcast which was posted here…

Opening music: Code Monkey by Jonathan Coulton

Topics Covered:
-How Flash games differ from console games
-How to approach the design of a Flash game so it hooks people right at the beginning
-Edmund explains why he doesn’t like to implement micro-transactions into his games and why he designs games the way he does
-Everyone tries to understand why Edmund is against micro-transactions
-Dan explains why micro-transactions are scary to game designers
-Edmund goes deeper into why he doesn’t use micro-transactions
-Dan begins to explains what it means to make games as art
-Edmund restates why he doesn’t like games that encourage addiction
-I loose control of the show and our first real tangent beings!
-Art in games and how to make your game stand out
-Discussion on why the Flash game market isn’t actually crowded
-Quality of flash games
-Why Flash is a good learning tool for designing games
-What steps that everyone takes to get there design juices flowing
-Dan discusses shorter and long form Flash games
-Brief discussion about how clients usually don’t know what they want in a game.
-Social interaction in Flash games
-14 year old’s and Flash game development
-Why more Flash game developers are not using social hooks and multi-player in  their games
-Why developers jump ship and don’t stay with flash for future “real” game development
-Dan’s  prophecy
-What to do when the mainstream companies start making games for Flash
-Using Flash to prototype your game, then porting your game to a different platform
-How to get noticed as an indie game developer


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